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You have a growing business. Any opportunities that arise, you seize with both hands. This results in more and more customers, partners and other stakeholders. As a result, you will also receive more and more business mail on your doormat. In fact, to maximise investment during the start of your business, you located your business at your home address. We have good news! By renting a mailing address, you can still save money and seperate business mail from private mail. In this article you will discover the benefits.

Why rent a mailing address?

Renting a mailing address offers several advantages, for both small businesses and established companies. It enables you to:

Exude professionalism: A business mailing address at one of our reputable business centres guarantees a strong image. Partly because of the added benefit – in most cases – of a professional reception by the staffed reception desk. Is this an important aspect for your business? Want to rent a mailing address? Then keep in mind that you choose an address that also functions as a visitor’s address.

Maintain privacy: Protect your home address from unwanted curiosity. Many entrepreneurs really experience this as a barrier. When you use a business mailing address, the chances of your private address being found on Google are already a lot lower. This helps protect your privacy and keep your home address private, while your business communications are handled professionally.

Ensure flexibility: Whether you work from home, are on the road or work in multiple locations, a business mailing address is always available and accessible. Your mail is accepted and processed according to your postal instructions. If your mail needs to be kept for a longer period of time, it is possible to archive it securely with us. Meanwhile, you can go wherever you want.

Drive local and international growth: As you expand your services into new territories, you can easily rent a local mailing address. This keeps the lines of communication with business relations short. Besides, it inspires confidence, because after all, you are ‘in the neighbourhood’.

Because your success is our driving force, we offer:

  • A professional business address in a prime location.
  • Security and mail handling of your choice.
  • For example, the ability to collect or forward mail to another address.
  • Notifications of newly received mail.
  • The ability to customise your mail instructions in the MyFlexado portal.
  • A flexible agreement.

Want to rent a mailing address? Here’s how it works

Choose your location: Select the business centre that suits your needs and budget.
Choose your package: Compose easily by passing on your postal instructions and combining any additional services.
Fill in your details: Within a few steps and a short verification, you can get started!

With a leased mailing address, you have the freedom to grow without compromising on privacy and professionalism. You save significantly in costs as you do not need to rent a permanent office for this.

We are only too happy to offer you this flexibility.
Check out your options.

Rent mailing address

We love to facilitate your success.