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What is a CoC mailing address?

A mailing address for the CoC is a professional address to which mail and business correspondence is sent. A flexible solution for entrepreneurs. To explain this further, we answer the two most frequently asked questions in this article:
1. Is it possible to use a CoC mailing address as a business address?
2. When does a mailing address matter?

Can I use my mailing address as a business address?

When you want to register a company or business with the Chamber of Commerce, you need to provide a physical business address where your business activities take place. This is the address where customers, suppliers and other parties can visit you. In the Netherlands, it is not normally allowed to establish your business solely with a mailing address. You must provide a physical business address where you actually conduct business activities.

When is a mailing address important?

But sometimes entrepreneurs don’t need a physical office at all and use their home address as a business address for the CoC. This is then also the visitor address for customers and suppliers.

CoC postal address: separate business and private

Then you do get into a bit of a mess if you prefer to keep business and personal separate. A mailing address is a suitable alternative: do you want to receive business correspondence and visitors at a professional address? Then you need a business address to list as a mailing address for the CoC. You therefore use this address as a visitor’s address, so you can always meet business contacts in a professional location.

CoC mailing address: never miss out on mail

Another reason to have a CoC mailing address is the flexibility it offers. Suppose you travel a lot for your work, you frequently change your workplace or you often work on customer premises, then it is very nice when mail is accepted in a safe place and processed according to your postal instructions. That way, you never have to miss out on mail again. For example, have mail scanned and uploaded to your MyFlexado portal that you can access at any time.

So, having a mailing address can be useful if, for example, you work from home and prefer not to use your private address as a business visitor’s address, or if you operate in multiple locations but want to receive mail in one safe place. However, it is important to note that having a mailing address does not mean that your business is physically located at that address. With a postal address for kvk, you only have a business address to receive mail and visitors.

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