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The strength of a virtual office lies in how it enables entrepreneurs to really transform their lives. This is the story of graphic designer Janne and how a virtual office changed her life and career in a revolutionary way.

How it all began

With a burning desire to travel and explore new cultures, Janne kept looking for a way to reconcile her career and adventurous existence.
It was only when she stumbled upon the concept of a virtual office that all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

Thanks to a virtual office, Janne has a business registration address and business mailing address. With this, she fulfilled all the requirements to set up her business without being tied to a traditional office. This was soon followed by a period when Janne started working with a diverse team of talented designers, from across the world.

An inspiration for the community

“This was really insane!” Is her first reaction when I ask about that experience. “By collaborating online with my pool of freelancers, we are not tied to a location.”
For the times when physical meetings do become desirable, Janne flexibly – because she already has a virtual office – books a meeting room for a certain period of time.
No strings attached. Maximum flexibility. With her way of working, Janne is a great inspiration to her business community.

A dream come true

I ask Janne what remarkable changes a virtual office brings about in her life:

“My dream is just coming true.” From idyllic beaches and bustling cities to rustic mountainous destinations, the rich diversity of environments serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her designs; seeping into her work and giving it a unique character. “My experience with different cultures provides unique perspectives and influences in my work.”

In addition, a virtual office allows Janne to align her working hours with her personal schedule and travel plans. Resulting in a balanced life. With time and space to explore, learn and foster valuable relationships. Worldwide. Because her international presence makes her services attractive to a wide customer base.

“My business continues to grow because I can offer freelancers a platform. I still pinch myself to realise again for a moment that I am leading a diverse team and diverse projects. My leadership and communication skills have been greatly strengthened. This gives me tremendous self-confidence as a professional, but also as a person.”

Pause for a moment

“I sometimes deliberately take a moment to pause and reflect on all this. It started for me with a virtual office, of which I initially thought: it is nothing more than a registration address. But if you ask me to define it now, I will tell you that freedom is for sale. That a virtual office means you can work wherever and whenever you want. It provides all the necessary conditions for a successful business.”

Janne’s story makes our hearts leap. When we at Flexado talk about the strength of a virtual office, we like to cite examples like these. These illustrate the freedom to pursue your passion and dreams. Designing your work as you see fit. Balancing work and private life optimally. And seeing your business grow because facilities are maximally flexible.

That’s why we love to facilitate your success 😉