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About Flexado

Flexado is a fast-growing international virtual office specialist of Dutch origin.

Started in 2010, Flexado now sells, facilitates and manages virtual offices on behalf of over 4,000 partner locations, for more than 5,000 customers. From professional workplace to mail handling and telephone solutions, including all the relevant financial handling that goes with it.

Founder Ramon ten Tije firmly believes in entrepreneurs’ need for freedom and flexibility and in transparent and simple solutions to be successful nowadays. Flexado’s services are therefore personal, approachable and transparent in cost. A state-of-the-art and in-house software platform guarantees user-friendliness, speed and data-driven insights. And a passionate, results-oriented team ensures a friendly and far-reaching 1-to-1 service.

Freedom of choice makes all the difference

We believe that freedom of choice is an essential part of creating a happy life. This philosophy defines us; it is in our DNA. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to this drive and to facilitating success in the best possible way. With an offer that can be tailored entirely to personal needs, ambitions and circumstances. Efficient, inspiring and fascinating. For our partners, our customers and for ourselves. And so we continuously build sustainable relationships that continue to guarantee mutual value.

What we offer and deliver

Our core business revolves entirely around professional virtual offices. That is why we provide a wide range of flexible office facilities, services and support. Worldwide, meaning wherever and whenever is desired.


In the media

On the one hand, our press releases are about the milestones we are achieving, flexible working and successful entrepreneurship. On the other hand, on trends and developments in our industry.

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To ensure that our brand is always communicated representatively, professionally and consistently, please refer to our guidelines.