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Are you looking for a new way of working? Do you want a professional look for your company? It is possible with the many flexible services of Flexado. Wherever.

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Virtual Offices

A virtual office is a collective name for a number of flexible business services combined in one simple package, such as a professional business address and a personal receptionist service. This allows your company to benefit from the presence of a professional business location at a fraction of te cost of a traditional office.


Flexado can help you find suitable office space to where you can grow your business in a professional manner. You can opt for full-time or part-time office space, and for short or longer periods.


With Flexashop, you can combine a virtual office with a web shop. This setup is ideal, for example for return shipments.

Meet & Coworking

Flexado offers fully-equipped work places, conference rooms and day offices, where you can meet other professionals for networking or where you can work quietly.


No hassle in the field of mobile telephony, internet and data storage. With Flexado One we add a valuable…

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  • All Flexado products and services are flexible.
  • You work location-independent.
  • Our technology is extremely reliable and developed in-house.
  • Support from our team goes beyond expectations.
  • All our services and activities are attractively priced.
  • Our contracts are also flexible. (Of course)
  • Our conditions are crystal clear. We promise zero nasty surprises, only fun ones.

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Case studies, updates and insights

The advantages of a virtual office at a glance

With a virtual office you can work from home with the appearance of a professional office. You then purchase a business address and you can supplement this service with a telephone service and workplaces. With the help of our international network of selected business centers, you can give your business a local look, no matter where you are in the world.

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COVID-19 and the new way of working.

Are you not sure how to proceed with office solutions? We understand that and notice it. A hygienic working environment is one of several flexible services that Flexado can help you with. We as Flexado are 100% ready for you via our website, telephone and chat online.

Brexit and beyond.

The United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU) on January 31, 2020. The trade agreement was concluded January 1, 2021. This creates many new business opportunities for Europe. For international trade the United Kingdom will still keep in touch with Europe. Think of cities such as: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Vienna.

4 ways to increase your online visibility with a virtual office.

How do you ensure that you rank better in Google's results? How do you get more potential customers on your website? And how do you ensure that you ultimately generate more turnover? These are questions that concern all entrepreneurs and companies these days