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Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have international ambitions?
For entrepreneurs with international ambitions, a business mailing address is invaluable. It allows you to have a presence in other countries without the cost of opening physical offices. We explain this further in this article.

Being present with a business mailing address?

A business mailing address also serves as a visitor’s address.
The staffed reception desk at your business address will receive your mail, customers and suppliers.
So you can have mail processed and communicate with a local audience. This forms the foundation for a strategic study, in which you have the opportunity to discover whether the region of your mailing address is also a favourable sales area.

Here’s what it gets you

Some things get easier.
We highlight three of them:

  • Local market research.
  • Flexibly book work and meeting rooms.
  • Trust from partners and investors.

Local market research: With a business mailing address, you can conduct local market research and evaluate business opportunities in a new region before investing in a permanent office. This will help you make informed decisions on international expansion.

Flexibly book additional work and meeting rooms: If you determine that the region of your business address is indeed favourable for doing business, then access to meeting rooms can be very important. This is also possible, if you choose a location that has work and meeting rooms available.

Trust from partners and investors: If you want to attract international partners or investors, a business mailing address in the relevant region can show that you are serious about your business activities there. This will increase your chances of partners and investors becoming interested and, more importantly, trusting you. Thereby, you can more easily switch and physically meet at the moment you have a business mailing address.

In short, a business mailing address allows entrepreneurs to create and expand an international presence without the cost of opening physical offices in every country or region in which you wish to operate. So strategically, you would do well to rent a business address if you want to grow and have ambitions to expand internationally.