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A business centre is more than a single building housing several companies. A business centre is an extension of your company. Unlike in a multi-tenant business building, here the number is a task to unburden and support your business wherever possible. Read more below about what a business centre can do for your company and why registering your business here is guaranteed to add value!
What is a business centre?

A business centre is a location where companies can register and house themselves. (Chamber of Commerce registration) In addition to traditional office space rental, it is possible to make use of various facilities here. Think meeting rooms, flexible workplaces, co-working spaces, business lounges and much more. In addition, a manned reception is always available to speak to any customers or business associates. So they never face a closed door again.

When is a business centre right for you?

A business centre is the place for your business when you:

  • wants a flexible rental agreement
  • do not want to incur unnecessary costs
  • want the best service for you and your customers
  • wants unlimited expansion possibilities, and
  • you want to do business in a location that has all the facilities you need.

In short, if you want to get the most out of your business, a business centre is for you!

How do you find a business centre that suits your business?

The range of business centres is huge. What should you pay attention to when looking for a location that suits your business?

The appearance of a business centre says a lot about the look of your company. Do you want to appear very high-end and businesslike, or does an approachable or rather hip look suit your company better? A business centre with the right look gives your company even more credibility and your customers immediately know what to expect from you.

Would you like to use a meeting room, a flex workspace, co working or a regional phone number with telephone answering service? Look carefully at what services are offered by the business centre and whether they are included in the price.

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When you want to meet with clients regularly, the accessibility of the business centre is very important. Do you want customers to come to Amsterdam’s ring of canals, or do you prefer a nice building along the highway?

Postal service
In what way can the business centre process your mail? Do they scan it for you or can they also forward it for you? Always enquire about any additional costs in advance!

Finally, it is important to see what forms of agreement are offered. Do you go for flexibility or choose security?

The business centre: extension of your company

So by now you know there are an awful lot of options. A well-chosen business centre acts as an extension of your company. You meet clients here, you can work flexibly, you can use the mail service, you can have lunch here and so on, and there are many more opportunities to get the most out of your business.