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A business address is essential for entrepreneurs. It is an important requirement to establish your business. The nature of a business address changes when you start using a business address at one of our locations, instead of a permanent office or your private address. It gives you a whole palette of options.

What is a business address?

A business address is the official address where a company is located and where it carries out its activities. This is also immediately a mailing and visitor address.

You can choose to use your private address or rent a physical permanent office, but renting a professional business address offers so many more options. These are:

  • Mail processing as required, such as forwarding, scanning or pick-up.
  • Telephone answering by reception.
  • A landline phone number.
  • Flexibly book additional work and meeting rooms.
  • Advancing to a permanent office.

How to choose the right business address?

When choosing a business address, you need to consider several factors, including the culture of your business, your market and your budget.

1. Determine where your patronage is located and choose a strategically convenient location.
2. Would you like to have mail forwarded to another address, use telephone answering services provided by reception, or book work and meeting rooms on a regular basis? Then it is important that you choose a location that offers these services.
3. Look critically at accessibility. Do you receive clients regularly? Then accessibility by car and public transport is important. Do you regularly receive suppliers? Then an address in the middle of the city might not be so favourable. Also consider your own commuting situation.
4. What appearance do you want to go for? Want to go for something classic? A historic character, say a canal house? Or something more playful, like a sports stadium? Again, keep in mind what appearance is important to your business network.
5. Set your budget, but realise that cheap is often expensive. A good business address will earn you much more than it costs.

Why else is a business address important?

A private address as a business address – unlike a business address or permanent office – may not be the look you want to go for.
In addition, it is important to keep private really private. No business relationships at your front door is the deciding factor for most entrepreneurs to choose a business address.

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