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With a registration address, you are not tied to a fixed location for your work. This makes it substantially different from a permanent office. We explain exactly how this is the case based on two key facts.

1. With a registration address, you are no longer tied to a place in the Netherlands for your registration.
This is because you can rent a business registration address anywhere in the world and thus register your company internationally.

2. With a registration address, you are no longer tied to one location for carrying out your business activities.
In fact, you can flexibly book additional work and meeting rooms, and it does not necessarily have to be on location of your registration address.

With more than 4,500 business partners worldwide, you have many locations to choose from.
Both for your registration and the place(s) you want to work.

The biggest advantage of a registration address?

A registration address gives you all the facilities you expect from a permanent all-in office space, but cheaper and more flexible. This makes it a low-threshold investment when you want to enter new and/or international markets.

The rental cost of a registration address is lower than that of a permanent office. In addition, prices for an address vary by location. So you have the option to choose an address that suits your budget.

More flexibility
Your address, together with any additional facilities, forms a tailor-made package that you can adjust flexibly at any time.
Consider, for example, the possibility of choosing additional mailing addresses in relevant locations. Or a landline number and telephone answering service by reception, if you also want to be easily accessible by phone.

We love to facilitate your success! 😉