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Why did you start working at Flexado?
When I met Ramon (owner of Flexado), I was immediately enthused by the services Flexado offers. In the current market, Flexado’s services really add value to entrepreneurs, if you ask me. And this is precisely why it is great fun to work for Flexado: there are continuously fun projects and challenges to work on because the company does not stand still.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned?
You can do more than you think.

How did you grow as a person because of this?
When I joined Flexado, I was responsible for a number of specific tasks. As the company has grown, my duties have broadened because of added tasks that I really didn’t think I could do beforehand. By being involved in the growth of the company, I have also grown with it myself and have now become a point of contact for the team in various areas. It is precisely this broadening of my duties that makes no day the same and no day boring.