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No matter where you physically work or where you travel to, renting a mailing address guarantees a professional mailing and visitor address where you can receive mail unhindered. Clients and other business associates can also visit a manned desk during your ‘absence’.

Are you a digital nomad, freelancer or for some other reason do not want to be tied to one physical location? But do you want to be able to offer customers and suppliers an accessible visitor address? If so, read on ;).

Renting a mailing address is without unnecessary risk

With a mailing address at a reputable business location, you invest in a professional appearance, without the high rental costs of a permanent office.

These are the advantages of a mailing and visitor address:

  • The possibility of choosing a location that suits your business appearance.
  • A manned reception is always available on site.
  • The possibility of using professional telephone answering service.
  • Flexibly, and only when needed, book work and meeting rooms.

So you can go wherever you want with peace of mind.

On this page, we will tell you more about the advantages of a mailing address and what the options are with us.