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Ramon ten Tije

Ramon ten Tije: Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

Freedom of choice and happiness drive Ramon in everything he does. His story is about entrepreneurship and leadership. A little raw, but always with humour. What else can you expect from ‘The Crazy Dutchman’?
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Keynote 1: Building the machine

Duration 45 minutes

Flexado started at the kitchen table. Since then, not a month has gone by without growth. Be inspired by the story of a down-to-earth entrepreneur, who uses humour to put things in perspective and keep everyone on their toes.

Keynote 2: Cracking the code

Duration 60 minutes

Flexado is the first party to have fully automated the process of creating and purchasing a virtual office.
This is a candid keynote on how obstacles fueled the entrepreneurial fire even more. A plea about how persistence and passion ensure that the perseverer wins.

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