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Why did you start working at Flexado?
I was looking for a new challenge and moving on at my previous job was not an option. At Flexado, I have the freedom to really help customers by coming up with appropriate solutions together with them. I really have the space to advise clients carefully.
I also really like the fact that this is a small, informal team. Everyone interacts well with each other.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned?
That commitment is truly rewarded. I have progressed from Customer Support to Compliance Officer in a short time and am still learning an awful lot from this. It is challenging to do in-depth customer research, investigate compliance laws in other countries and communicate a lot with business centres. The latter is mainly about matching what they want and what we can offer.

How did you grow as a person because of this?
Above all, I have learnt to be a bit more patient, set my limits and take more initiative, even after work to learn more.
I think it is important to know what I am talking about.