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The added value of business telephony.

A regional business phone number helps to acquire more local customers. Customers see a local telephone number as being more reliable and more personal than an unrecognized number, so with Flexado you can combine your business address with a professional telephone number.

Package 1

7/ mnd
  • National/regional phone number
  • Standard call forwarding to fixed/mobile

Package 2

10/ mnd
  • National/regional phone number
  • VoIP account
  • User
  • Voicemail

Package 3

25/ mnd
  • National/regional phone number
  • VoIP account
  • User
  • Voicemail
  • Notifications
  • Opening hours
  • Choice menu

Additional benefits of business telephony services:

  • Easily receive and dial out calls with your business number.
  • Use your number with your smartphone App, via your computer with the softphone, with your own VoIP phone on your desk, or all of the above!
  • Automatically forward calls to your mobile number, for example, guaranteeing even more flexibility.
  • Easily set opening hours, call groups, drop-down menus and notifications.
  • Create personal voicemail for business and private.

With a VoIP account and the associated software app, you no longer need a double SIM card to make business calls. So you can still be reached with your trusted mobile phone. A VoIP device on your desk is also an option.
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1. Web-phone

Headset or audio from your tablet or computer.

2. VoIP device

A phone on your desk.

3. Mobile

Your own trusted mobile phone.


“A mobile telephone number did not suit my business image.”

“With business telephony from Flexado, I had a regional company number within 24 hours, with the option to forward to my mobile phone.”

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