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One month free per successful introduction!

Introduce one of your friends, fellow entrepreneurs or business associates to the power of a virtual office too. Through the referral programme, you can register contacts from your network with us. Per successful introduction, you will use your virtual office for free for one month. Your referral will also receive an attractive discount. You can sign up new customers as often as you like.


Customers rate us with a 9.4 and trusted by more than 4,000 customers worldwide!

How does it work?

Using the following steps, you can very easily introduce a contact from your network to Flexado. When you sign someone up, we will update you on progress.
A friend or acquaintance
Enter your details, and the details of your referral. (That's how we know who to give a discount to)
Sign up
Your referral will receive an e-mail with a link to the checkout. Here, a virtual office can be created with a nice discount on start-up costs. (50%)
And benefit from the offer!
When your referral becomes a customer, you will receive an email from us with the update and we will deduct the discount from your next invoice.
Eat, sleep, refer, repeat.
Repeat the process with a new contact and get even more free months.

Contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship with the power of a virtual office.

Responsible entrepreneurship

A virtual office contributes to a better environment. Empower your fellow entrepreneurs and do your green bit.

Successful entrepreneurship

Contribute to successful entrepreneurship and a work-life balance within your business community.

Flexible entrepreneurship

Open doors to fellow entrepreneurs and introduce them to the benefits of a virtual office.


Why choose Flexado?

Keep work and private life separated.

Location for you
Choose a location that really matches your professional look.

Go for a flexible agreement.

Low cost
With a virtual office you have the appearance of a professional office, without the high costs.

Home is home
No more customers and/or suppliers at your front door.

Front desk reception
There is always a staffed reception at your location.

Meet customers and business relations at your own professional business address when it suits you.

Mail handling
All your mail is accepted and processed at a business address.

Always available
Always be available with a (regional) telephone number.

Reliable & personal
A regional business phone number helps to acquire more local customers. Customers perceive a local phone number as more reliable and personal than an unrecognisable number.

Telephone answering
Can’t always pick up the phone? Use a telephone answering service and have incoming calls handled professionally.

Meeting rooms
Appointments with customers? Use the meeting rooms on location.

Expand & scale up
You can easily expand and scale up a virtual office.

Wherever you want
Because space is not a limiting factor, growing companies can use a virtual office address wherever they want.

Permanent office?
Moving on to a permanent office? That is possible!

Introduce your network to the benefits of a virtual office.