Flexible from the start, until now. And further.

At Flexado we set the bar high. Our ambition has not changed since our start in 2010; globally the largest provider of flexible office solutions. Whether it concerns a virtual office or connecting services. We will continue to develop sustainably in this regard. We listen to our customers and translate their needs into new services. This is how we put Flexado on the map worldwide.

“Always keep innovating. That is our DNA, from which the best ideas for the most flexible form of entrepreneurship arise. Worldwide."

What we promise?

Work. Meet. Succeed. We help you with that. We cannot promise more concretely. Work when it suits you on your terms, anywhere in the world. Wherever. Whenever. whatever. That is the ultimate freedom of work. And we offer that with our services.

With Flexado you achieve maximum flexibility in any form within your company. Virtual offices, co-working places, business telephony and more; with Flexado we offer you optimum flexibility. Without high costs. With high quality. Worldwide.

team Flexado

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Ramon ten Tije

Ramon learned early on what is involved in entrepreneurship. With enough lessons in his pocket, he gave it his own twist. Ramon's enormous drive translates into success. Instead of 1 out of 10, Ramon wants to make 9 out of 10 deals. And he does that, in his own way.

Ramon invented Flexado at his kitchen table. He put the money that was available at that time into a Chamber of Commerce registration, a website and 3 Google ads. Just 12.5 years later, he runs an international company, with a complete team and a strong concept. Flexado is a global player in providing flexible office solutions.

Before Flexado became Flexado, Ramon listened carefully to the needs of his network. A network with many entrepreneurs, who were looking for unburdening and a professional appearance. Ramon devised a virtual office, which simply offers a professional postal and visiting address.

From this idea, Flexado has expanded to a provider of complete work solutions, to unburden the same entrepreneur. Full, complete and professional.

Ramon: “My mission is also the mission of the entire team. You participate and think along in all facets of our daily business. Together you achieve more. And to achieve a lot, worldwide, that's what we want. We are the best player in providing flexible office solutions. And we will continue to be.”

Managing Partner

Mirjam van Lamoen

Mirjam also comes from a (very) real entrepreneurial family. This was not a direct reason for her to start a business. As a Communications student, she worked for a long time for various agencies and all kinds of clients. In the end she also decided to take the step to self-employed, but that 'independently' quickly became a complete team.

Mirjam clearly knows what she wants and how she wants it. As a partner within Flexado, she monitors at a strategic level. She is strong in connecting people, networks and services. The bar is set high, always the best result for the customer.

In addition to being a partner at Flexado, she is also a managing partner at CLAP Communicatieregie and her child De Ideeënfabriek. Finally, she is also a shareholder in the family business CSU, together with her brother, sister and the management. “Yes, it is a diversity of companies, but certainly also with agreements. It's all about people. I think it is important to know our customers and their customers well. The difference in size means that there is a lot to learn from each other. That's what I like so much.”

Mirjam wants to continue the worldwide growth together with the Flexado team. “It is my mission to touch everyone with the services of Flexado. Together with the team. That is very important to me.”

Location Manager

Laura Beekmans

Who is Laura?

Without Laura, there would be no welcoming reception, tasty catering or tight schedules. Laura arranges all facility matters around our main location De Ideeënfabriek in Uden. She answers questions from the team, from tenants and companies with a service office in Uden. Laura, together with Arianne, is the pivot of the team.

Typical Laura

Laura likes to come by bike. She loves good food and drinks as much as sports. She knows what she is doing and ensures that there is a pleasant atmosphere and structure within the team of Flexado and De Ideeënfabriek.


+31 85 303 2501

Office Manager

Arianne van Assouw

Who is Arianne?

Arianne arranges everything for the Flexado team. She is the permanent support for all departments within Flexado. Arianne ensures that everyone gets through the working day well and keeps an overview of all facets within the company.

Typical Arianne

Monotony is not in her dictionary. Arianne is a huge travel enthusiast. Discovering beautiful places, that is her passion. Arianne also likes to relax with a good book, gardening or visiting a museum.


+31 85 303 2501

Chief Information Officer

Hans Gründemann

Who is Hans?

Hans is the driving force behind Flexado One. He is the technical-commercial force that maintains this service. Hans came up with the perfect addition to the virtual work environment for an entrepreneur with Flexado One.

Typical Hans

Hans is a sporty and active member of his beloved tennis club. Furthermore, Hans has a warm interest in water sports and Formula 1. Hans and his wife also like to prepare a nice meal for friends.


+31 85 303 2501

Director Meet & Coworking

Andrew Troostwijk

Who is Andrew?

Andrew is the Meet & Co-working chief. His mission is clear. He ensures that everyone knows the complete concept behind Flexado Meet & Co-working: being able to work anywhere and on a flexible basis. So worldwide. Andrew has contact with locations, realizes new contracts and manages strategically.

Typical Andrew

Andrew doesn't have to conquer the world again. He did this before, while living on the other side of the globe. Andrew loves good coffee very much. And everything that has to do with swimming and surfing. Together with Andrew you can work wherever you want: from the Netherlands to the Pacific.


+31 85 303 2501

Strategy Manager

Erwin de Zeeuw

Who is Erwin?

Erwin has a background in Business Administration and IT. In his career he has been involved with start-ups, scale-ups and large corporates. During these experiences, Erwin has developed the skills to help companies develop a vision, a strategy and set goals for further scaling. As a strategist within Flexado, Erwin is involved in the Meet & Coworking business unit.

He has a passion for digital, data-driven & innovative solutions and translates trends into practical applications for our Meet & Coworking proposition. Erwin focuses on future and strategic further developments, so that the services remain up-to-date and flexible.

Typical Erwin

As a child, Erwin was already encouraged to realize dreams, from small to large. With this attitude Erwin has already achieved a lot. He has been on a world tour for two years, he has shown the wonderful underwater world to hundreds of people as a diving instructor and he was tap master of the year.

Erwin loves specialty beer (tripel, saison and wheat beer) and good wine. In sports, he likes to swim and play golf. You can also find him at a music festival. Just as versatile as his career. With Erwin in the team, you can be sure that the best results will be achieved.


+31 85 303 2501

Senior Sales Executive

Max Klotz

Who is Max?

Max is the Jack Sparrow within Flexado. He conquers the heart of every customer with his comprehensive advice. In addition to a healthy dose of rock 'n roll, Max also contributes to the general development within Flexado as a librarian. Max does not go for less than gold with the team.

Typical Max

Max likes to write poems in his spare time, he even published his own collection. He also prefers to read four books at once. He plays guitar and produces his music from his own studio. And preferably all together; the great variety is precisely what motivates him.


+31 85 303 2501

Senior Sales Executive

Dennis van den Berg

Who is Dennis?

Dennis has been working at Flexado for a long time. A complex question is something Dennis likes to delve into, so that every customer gets the right answers. He delivers on the promise of 'short lines, quick response'. Whether this is in Dutch or English: Dennis provides strong advice.

Typical Dennis

No Super Bowl without Dennis. Together with friends, he follows everything in the run-up to this American football final. His beautiful English pronunciation is partly due to this and to the many films and series that he likes to watch in his spare time.


+31 85 303 2501

Sales Executive

Gijs Bastiaansen

Who is Gijs?

Gijs maintains customer contact as it is. Transparent and accessible. He also thinks that is important for the customers within Flexado: delivering on what we promise. Offer quality, not quantity.

Typical Gijs

Gijs is a big music lover. He likes to visit a festival, but even prefers to make new music himself that he has reviewed at such a party. Gijs seeks peace while watching Formula 1 or while fishing. Preferably with friends.


+31 85 303 2501

Business Support

Steven de Jong

Who is Steven?

Steven is the check on a check. He checks and processes all data. For all Flexado customers, but also on our websites and systems. Steven is the calm and confidence within the team, thanks to his perfectionist work.

Typical Steven

Steven darts along with the rest of the team, but not yet at a professional level. That'll come. In his spare time he likes to relax with friends, more with football and nowadays with a beer. He also likes a good, fresh walk.


+31 85 303 2501

Customer Support

Eloisa Tan

Who is Eloisa?
If you are looking for contact with Flexado, you often speak to Eloisa. By phone, by chat or via our e-mail. In addition to customer contact, she ensures that everything is neatly processed for all existing and new customer relationships.

Typical Eloisa
Eloisa appreciates the little things in life. Literally: from puppies, to mini editions of luxury make-up, but also figuratively. She knows very well what matters in life and therefore appreciates the happiness in small things. In addition, Eloisa is our glitter & glamor queen. She worked for years in the showbiz world, for which she lived in London. Yet she now consciously opts for a job with regularity. And we at Flexado are very happy with that. Eloisa likes overview and structure.

Marketing & Communications Officer

Lieke van Casteren

Who is Lieke?

Lieke focuses on the dot on the i within Flexado. She is the spider in the web with regard to marketing and communication. Lieke ensures that all cool developments within Flexado are shared with the outside world.

Typical Lieke

In addition to marketing & communication, Lieke also likes to spend time with her family, relatives and friends. As structured as she works, it is so chaotic at home sometimes. 'Sweet idea' could be her last name and she is proud of that.


+31 85 303 2501


Ruud Alofs

Who is Ruud?

Ruud and his twin brother Thijs started GroenBezorgen 3 years ago. A passion for cycling with a mission to more sustainable transport has been the ideal mix to put GroenBezorgen firmly on the market in no time. Ruud and his team arrange all the flows around the post for Flexado. Postal processing, forwarding or delivery with a bicycle courier, everything for satisfied customers at Flexado!

Typical Ruud

The love for cycling and entrepreneurship has already brought Ruud to beautiful places. He previously cycled at a high recreational level himself and then with similar companies in various places around the world. Ruud and Thijs work together and take advantage of good opportunities.

Financial manager

Cora Pouwels

Who is Cora?

Cora takes care of a complete financial administration within Flexado. No invoice is left behind thanks to her accurate actions. She is happy to work out all the numbers within Flexado in a streamlined process.

Typical Cora
Cora comes from an entrepreneurial family and previously had her own shop. After a few years she chose to take care of the financial administration for others. Cora has a positive outlook on life. She enjoys walking and cycling. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends. Cora is precise, accurate and honest: aasset to the team.

Project manager Telecom

Cor van de Vorst

Who is Cor?

Cor is the technical extension of Flexado One. He maintains contact with existing customers and is happy to connect new customers to their full satisfaction. In the event of a problem, he takes over the concerns and then converts them into a working solution.

Typical Cor

It is clear that Cor is a technician. In his spare time he likes to do Geocaching and odd jobs around the house. Cor strives for perfectionism and also implements this with customers, when purchasing new products or in the event of a malfunction.


+31 85 303 2501



Who is Flexi?

Flexi is our ever-present chatbot. Super fast and razor sharp. All your questions answered in no time, so you can get back to work. This makes Flexi very happy. And we as well. Flexi is assisted by the entire team. So when you ask a tough question, the real smart ones will pick it up for you. 😉

Typical Flexi

In addition to frequently asked questions, Flexi is also curious about how you are doing. Time is made available to help you as a customer properly and clearly when you run into something. This is Flexi's life. You happy, Flexi happy too.


+31 85 303 2501

Flexible working
now & in the future.

Flexado makes it possible!