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Adelgatan, Malmö Central

Adelgatan 21 - 211 - Malmö

Flex Working in Malmö

Do you want to work flexible and retain the professional image of your company? This is possible with the services of Flexado at the Adelgatan 21 in Malmö.

You can rent virtual offices, office spaces, flex workspaces and meeting and/or consulting-rooms at very attractive rates and on a flexible base. In addition, we offer telephone and mail services at this location.

Meeting rooms

The Adelgatan 21 is the ideal location to meet with your business relations. Here you can meet in peace, exchange new ideas during brainstorm- sessions or give trainings. The entry-level price is for a meeting room up to 4 people per hour.


Bring your laptop and take place on one of the available flex workspaces while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Perfect for working undisturbed outside your home or office. The entry-level price is for a workplace one person per month.

Virtual office

With a virtual office your company has a guaranteed professional look. You do not rent physical space but has all the benefit from the following services: a business postal address and visiting address and/or flex workspace, With potential telephone and mail services.
In short: flexible working and always accessible.


Choose for an "All-in-one" Service office 

Upgrade your business postal address to a Service office. This offers you the same benefits as a business mailing address, but with the possibility to register your company as the main office at this address. (for example, at the Chamber of Commerce and other official authorities). If you choose a Service office at this location, this includes a regional telephone number with professional telephone answering. The receptionist is ready to answer your calls on behalf of your company.

What are the benefits of a virtual office?

  • With a virtual office you have the appearance of a professional office without the high costs;
  • There are no long-term rental contracts as there are with traditional office spaces. This reduces your risk since you are not tied to a long-term contract;
  • All your mail can also be delivered to a business mailing address;
  • A virtual office is perfect for those who want to work from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection!;
  • You are always easy to reach on a local phone number;
  • With a virtual office, you can expand your business without having to move to a larger office. This is a less expensive and stress-free alternative to traditional expansion;
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What problems do I solve with a virtual office?

  • Meet your clients and relations at your own professional business address whenever it suits you;
  • Choose a location that really suits your business look and feel;
  • No more unexpected customers and/or suppliers at your front door;
  • No waiting time, start online easily and immediately.
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Why should I choose Flexado?

  • Flexado offers more than 4500 locations worldwide;
  • Start online safely, quickly and easily;
  • Short and flexible contract duration;
  • Manage your own account online via MyFlexado;
  • Multiple locations and/or service is possible via a single invoice;
  • Flexado has over 10 years of experience!;
  • Fair and clear terms.
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Available services at this location

  • Virtual office
  • Meeting room
  • Coworking
  • Office space

Starting prices