COVID-19 and the new way of working.

What do we notice during Corona?
Nowadays we move around the building with masks, keep 1.5 meters apart and clean our hands by entering the building. The course of this COVID-19 pandemic poses many health risks. Are you not sure how to proceed with office solutions? We understand that and notice it. A hygienic working environment is one of several flexible services that Flexado can help you with. We as Flexado are 100% ready for you via our website, telephone and chat online.

What do we see happening in the market?
Every country, internationally, is affected differently by COVID-19. Many of our physical renters of an office space or workplace proved able to withstand the impact of Corona. At the same time, we see companies going through a difficult time. Flexado is alert to the new way of working. Flexado also has its own employees in connection with COVID-19 with some days working from home. Are you looking for a new way of working? Do you also want a professional image for your company? This is possible with the various flexible services from Flexado. Wherever.

We have the solutions for you, for example starting with safe meetings! Continuing to share information is important to protect the health and safety of people across the EU. For more information on the status of a specific Flexado center, please contact one of our experts at this telephone number: +31(0)853032501 or email at