What can you expect with Voice?

Voice stands for telephony. Nothing is as personal in use and dependent on personal wishes as a telephony subscription.
Choose a Flexado One account and you have three (3) options to receive calls to or to call out.

Our calling options


Using your headset or audio from your tablet or compute

VoIP phone

A phone on your desk


With your own trusted mobile phone

With Flexado One Voice
you benefit from:

  • Automatic forwarding, for example, to your mobile number. Perfect for when you’re on the go.
  • A maximum of 5 conversation channels.
  • Adjustable opening hours.
  • Adjustable voicemail for business and private.
  • Set up caller groups, a selection menu and notifications.
  • A Soft-phone to receive and dial out calls with your business number.
  • Buy off call costs with a call bundle for the Netherlands or all Europe.

(Only for listening in and recording calls We count an additional cost.)
tellen we een meerprijs.)

Everything from €10,- per month

Mobiel rules!

No doubt you already have a smartphone. With Flexado One you can use it in two ways. Via an app or via the Flexado One SIM card (or eSIM). We put your mobile number and a business regional telephone number on the map. You choose which number to use.

For this option we offer various calling bundles, with or without data.

And nice to know; the data bundles are company bundles that you share with your colleagues. Nice right?


With Flexado One we also offer the corresponding hardware you need. Think of headsets, VoIP-phone devices and intercoms. You can purchase this for a one-off amount or per month and everything is fully pre-programmed. So no hassle in advance, just call straight away without any problems.

That is the flexibility Flexado One Voice offers you! Make and receive calls according to your wishes and regardless of where. From home. Your own office. A flex desk. On the way. We arrange it.

Curious about what Flexado One Voice can do for you?

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