What can you expect?

Always be able to work flexibly. Everywhere! The software solution of Flexado One Cloudroom makes it possible. With Cloudroom you can log in from anywhere, regardless of which computer or tablet. You do this on your own secure server, with a full Windows 10 version on it. You can also locally install all applications and programs that you need on the server.

package licenses

Overcomplete does not exist in our book. That is why we also offer you full Microsoft package licenses. For example, think of Microsoft Word, Office, Outlook and OneDrive. In addition, included with the license via Flexado, you get your own Microsoft Exchange server to manage your own e-mail server.

Online meetings

Expand your online workspace even further with the Flexado video conferencing software. Ideal for meeting your colleagues and relations quickly, easily and securely. And don’t worry, our virus scanners keep all our online workplaces safe and free from viruses.

One support

Good to know; all our software services include management and support. Do you need cloud backup? Then we’ll arrange that. We periodically copy your data as a backup on a separate separate secure server.

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