Flexado One makes it easy for you.

No hassle with mobile telephony, internet and data storage. With the Flexado One ICT services, we add a valuable service to working without location.


We make sure that you can call with your own carefree online telephone exchange in the cloud.

from €10 per month


We offer business internet on location and your office. Reliable and with a stable network.

from €30 per month


An online workplace for you and your company. You can log in from anywhere, regardless of which computer or tablet.

from €45 per month

Go All-In
with Flexado one.

You undoubtedly know Flexado from the flexible office spaces and virtual offices. Work worldwide where and when it suits you. Entrepreneurs love flexible services. Moving with the possibility to change, who doesn’t want that?

Flexado One is originated from our vision of flexibility. We master the technology, have the knowledge and are happy to help you as a user with this unique addition to our services.

We put the Flexado
advantages in a row

  • All Flexado products and services are flexible.
  • You work location-independent.
  • Our technology is extremely reliable and developed in-house.
  • Support from our team goes beyond expectations.
  • All our services and activities are attractively priced.
  • Our contracts are also flexible. (Of course)
  • Our conditions are crystal clear. We promise zero nasty surprises, only fun ones.